Sage Patanjali says :

“Illness, inability to comprehend, doubt, carelessness, laziness, non-attachment towards the senses, hallucination, non-attainment of any state, or instability, these are the distractions of the mind which cause obstacles on the path.”- Patanjali Yoga Sutra #30

The hardest thing about yoga is to keep up with consistent practice. Somehow, to stay committed and to maintain discipline of self-practice is very difficult. This is where group yoga practice is especially helpful. A Group yoga class encourages beginners and motivates them to come for practice with yoga buddies on a regular basis. The atmosphere of a group yoga class is motivating and people perform with greater intensity and interest. The regularity in attending classes sums up beautifully and shows up in asana practice.

The teachings of Master Sivananda are summarized in these six words:

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