It’s fun to teach yoga to children because they are bursting with energy.

Better energies: Nowadays, children spend most of their time between homework and electronic gadgets. There is very little time for free play. Yoga offers an alternative way to tuning out of constant attachment to electronic devices.
Body awareness: Children learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way . Because the asanas are done standing, sitting and lying down, different muscles groups are utilised which enables the child to be aware of his body and its functions
Better breathe: They manage stress through breathing and moving in awareness. Through pranayama they learn to breathe correct, the lung capacity increases, and happy hormones flow inside the body.
Calm mind: It increases their confidence and positive self-image. They feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group. Developed awareness of the body, mind and breath helps to overcome negative emotions like jealousy, fear and anger.
Balanced child: Yoga builds concentration, balance and motor coordination in kids. It also helps kids improve their posture.

The teachings of Master Sivananda are summarized in these six words:

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