Yoga may be the key to unleashing the full potential at work and the sooner you get started, the sooner you can find out.

Yoga helps business executives in following ways:
Increases Focus: The ability to focus on what matters at work will improve. In turn, productivity will go up, and the person wont’ be constantly interrupted by distractions
Reduces Stress: While engaging in yoga, meditation and breathing helps one learn how to free his mind in the face of very stressful situations.This skill translates in a calmer state of mind at the workplace.
Reduces Physical Ailments: Yoga is a very low-impact activity. It removes physical ailments, if any over time. Also, an overall sense of physical and mental wellbeing is established.
Renews Creativity: When your mind is free of worries, it’s free to move into unexplored territory. Living in the present moment with awareness inculcates this faculty
Increases Energy: All the above mentioned points lead to increased energy and invigorated feeling
Team Building: Yoga has become one of the top corporate team building exercises, and for good reasons. Yoga help them work more cohesively as a team and helps to elevate spirits and keep tempers even. Workplace yoga is also great for team building because it is a shared experience. Having yoga to look forward to and participate in together will encourage bonding within your team regardless of their skill levels.

The teachings of Master Sivananda are summarized in these six words:

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